A document scanning project

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Migrate to the paperless reasons are easy to appreciate. Electronic records are easy to find and store. They can be shared; the document is used again to reduce storage costs, increase security at the simple, easy to manage as needed and is destroyed. But the dressing room full of reports of the task may seem daunting. Here are some to start an Office Document Scanning project the base.

How do I scan?
The project is the first step in getting a scope of the project... that a number of pages per file dossier evaluation to assess.

The scan
for most companies do not choose to scan every piece of paper is saved. Check your data to maintain the operating schedule and the piece is no longer necessary. Determine what is the most common and offer the greatest advantages of digital. A common solution to date for a scan.

The size of scanned documents
the most common format for electronic records Portable Document Format (PDF) is. It is widely used and easy to share and protect. Other options Tagged Image File (TIFF) and RAW image file format (RAW) are. Digital images also optical character recognition software (OCR) can be processed by. It will return digital photos into text documents. Once a text document that you can search for keywords in a document.

What is indexing?
The organization of indexing documents. Applied to a digital file after it is scanned area. The "record date", "Subject Name", "Customer Number", or another area that can help retrieving documents.

Document Preparation
Production scanner auto feed letter and legal documents are ready. They are high-speed scanning 10,000 pages an hour. Preparation process to remove all staples and bindings. Odd-sized documents, the standard paper tape. Photographs and documents in color should be treated separately. After scanning the documents collected.

Electronic Document Management
Once the documents are scanned, they need proper storage. It is common to them on the disk, but it drastically reduces their usefulness. At least, they should be stored at a remote location. Them to a better storage solution is an electronic document management systeem.Systeem home or through a service, cloud computing can be managed.

The value of the scan
Scanning a document project with existing staff or a scanning service can be outsourced. Decision is based largely on the size of the project. Pages for a few thousand or less, it's cheaper to work from home.

If you outsource work there are steps you can take to reduce costs. This will save money by scanning in-house preparation. Also be careful in what you choose to scan.

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A document scanning project

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A document scanning project

This article was published on 2011/06/23