Comparing PDF and ODT Files

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Portable Document Format and Open Document Text are those general formats that are used with text documents. The former is associated with Adobe System Incorporated's Acrobat reader and the latter with Sun Microsystem's open Office or Star Office. ODT is as well recognized as Open Document Text Document which is an XML format opened for documents containing information in text. OASIS is the one which developed it as a fraction of Open Document 1.0 specification and to substitute the DOC format. In order to meet the industrial standards and its needs, it was created. Adobe Systems is responsible in developing pdf and launched it in the year 1993. People convert formatted documents into this with the help of pdf to word converting tools. It is so in order to facilitate viewing of documents across multiple computers and is also absolutely safe.

The main task that this particular format does is that data sharing of various files online is made easy. The data is represented in text, pictures or vector graphics. It is in almost all Open Office compatible applications that ODT could be opened. Other program on which this formatted documents could be opened is Microsoft Word 2010. Adobe Acrobat is utilized to create and edit documents in pdf. The programs that are associated with them are Adobe Reader, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Acrobat. The Acrobat plug-in lets users to view documents in this format over the Web.
The similarity between both the format systems is quite close but the main difference between them is that ODT is utilized to store data and that is it, but, the other is used as means for presentation instead of storing just the data or information. There have been many revisions in the open document text and because of its simplicity it is able to fit into one line with its basic structure. The common way to open it is via Microsoft Word. It consumes lesser space to store data in comparison to a DOC file. So you get to save a bigger file in smaller space on your system.

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Comparing PDF and ODT Files

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