Why Revision Of Your Article Is So Important

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While generating the content, revision is a very important step. When you revise your document, you get aware of any mistakes that you have made. Also there are many other benefits of revising a document.

Most of us think that revision is something that we do after completion of the document. However, it is so not true. Just assume that after you finish your document, you revise it and make some change in the initial few lines. This will require you to make relevant changes throughout the document. Thus, revision should start at the time you start writing so that you keep working on your mistakes and keep making changes appropriately as you proceed.

Purposes of Revision:

There are different purposes for revising a document. Revision is done in order to;

-To find out mistakes made in grammar, spellings, punctuation or sentence formation.
-To improve the content.
-To enhance the purpose.
-To increase depth of the article.

Importance of Revision:

Revision is very important. You definitely don't want someone else to highlight your mistakes. You will like your final copy to be free of errors. You don't want to spoil reader's fun when they read your work. You can save yourself from all of the stated problems by revising your document properly.

It is said the writing is just one half of the job. The rest half is revision. As being said by E.B. White, "The best writing is rewriting". So a great emphasis should be made on revising a document. Once you'll progress with your content, new ideas might arrive on how to make it better. Revision will enable you to inject new ideas and add more information wherever needed, making your document more and more interesting for the readers.

How to carry out Revision:

Following the below given steps will enable you to revise the document in an organized manner.

-Explain your Main Idea:

While doing revision, you should try to emphasize more and more on your main idea. Adding more weight to the central idea will allow the readers to know what you're trying to deliver. They will grab a clear knowledge when enough explanation will be provided about the central idea.

-Talk to your reader:

Once you have expressed your ideas, revise them and present them in a manner that you are talking to your readers directly. This will help them absorb the information in a much better manner. Simply stating the facts won't have enough impact. So you need to revise the document and communicate directly with your readers.

-Remove any confusion:

Rereading the document allows you to read it from audience's perspective. You should cut down the sentences where they are going too long. Also, if you have written something that is dragging the concept out of limits, you should reduce or remove it. By revising the document, you should make sure that no confusions are left for the readers.

-Correcting the mistakes:

Finally, while revising, you should look out and remove any mistakes regarding grammar, language, punctuation and sentence formation.

So, revising the document is very important if you want your content to be of high quality even the best writers revise the document number of times.

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Why Revision Of Your Article Is So Important

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This article was published on 2010/11/13